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J. BERNARD CALLOWAY (Pictured above)

I had the pleasure of attending the Premiere of the movie “Memphis”, the Broadway Show.  It was an extremely enjoyable experience and a very smart marketing venture I might add.  My understanding is that the movie will run nationwide simultaneously for four days.  This will definitely draw traffice to the touring company of the Broadway Musical “Memphis”.  What I love is that they truly captured the New York City Broadway experience.  It felt as if we were sitting in a Broadway House…simply brilliant for those who have never had the pleasure of that experience…now they can.  Special congratulations go out to MONTEGO GLOVER, DERRICK BASKIN and James Monroe Iglehart for representing this amazing art form of live musical theater at its best.   But…I have to say that J. BERNARD CALLOWAY lit up the screen.  It was like watching the birth of a bonafide movie star.  I really was blown away with how the camera took to him, every nuance was caught on film and his songs left us all wanting more, the audience applauded as if we were seeing this performance live.  I had no idea last night that I would have the experience that I did especially after reading the New York Times article about the lack of vocal talent on the Great White Way.  But J. Bernard Calloway proved from the moment he stepped on screen that vocal talent is not something he nor Broadway lacks if cast properly.   J. Bernard Calloway shines on Broadway, shines on Screen and from what I gather will shine for a very long time to come.


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