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@Bslade produces an Japanese smash for @hellojonte

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Greetings Community,

I hope that you all are finding ways to stay cool in this weather and enjoying summer finally being here. 

You may recall me telling you awhile back about the photography work of James Alexander…how as a photographer he has been doing incredible work within our community in just a short period of time.  That having been said I want to remind you of  his Artistry first hand. 

James Alexander and SneakPeekPhotography.com is absolutely amazing.  He made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and as a result I walked away with some great shots.  So if you or someone you know needs headshots or photography work in general I want to suggest that you contact James Alexander and SneakPeekPhotography.com.  Below is some of his work along with information on how to contact him directly.  Let’s support the Arts and this my friends is pure Art.

As Always,



That’s the feeling you want to experience when you look at an incredible photograph.  In fact, that’s the feeliing you want EVERYONE to experience when they look at YOUR photographs.  If the photo doesn’t grab you and make you say “AHHH” within the first 3 seconds, chances are it’s not an incredible shot.

SneakPeek Photography wants to introduce YOU to the “AHHH” Factor.  We don’t just take pictures at random and hope for the best.  We take the Art of photography to the “AHHH” level.

We know how to make your eyes talk.  We know how to make you look “thru” the lens instead of just “at” the lens.  And we know how to pull thoughts, expressions, and feelings out of you that you never knew you had.

JAMES ALEXANDER has spent many years traveling the globe as an accomplished entertainer.  His experiences on the stage and in front of the camera have given him a unique gift of insight now that he stands BEHIND THE LENS.  A New York based photographer, JAMES is responsible for some of the best Actor Headshots currently seen in the New York showbiz community.  But his abilities don’t end there.  Many of his SCENIC ARTISTRY photographs have been produced and sold as Art, and his Candid Shots and work in Children’s Photography has already placed his name among the most versatile and  gifted photographic artists on the east coast. He has captured the famous and the infamous; the very young and the very mature; the modest and the glamorous.  His jovial flair and pleasant persona will put you at ease.  But his creative eye and natural ability to pull the very best out of you will give you some of the most memorable and incredible photographs you’ve ever had!

Live Well and LAUGH A LOT…
James Alexander

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